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Choosing your charts
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Electronic Charts compatibility


MaxSea provides the most comprehensive electronic chart support in the industry. We insure that our users have the best charts available from a wide range of publishers of Raster, Vector, and 3D Bathymetric Charts.

MaxSea is also the only software compatible with the new high-tech Raster format mm2 proposed by  Mapmedia.

MaxSea's advanced chart management system displays electronic charts seamlessly, so that you don't have to worry about opening and closing files while underway. MaxSea automatically shows you the most appropriate chart available for any given scale and provides flexible over-zoom and under-zoom capabilities for ultimate display capabilities.

MaxSea offers you a World Planning Chart. About 30 georeferenced planning charts are included with any software.


Specially designed to be used with MaxSea software they are displayed in a continuous format enabling the user to move from one chart to the next or change the scale at the click of a mouse.

Choosing your charts
Important things to consider when selecting digital cartography

Raster Chart
The exact copy of the paper chart

Vector Chart
A database of numerical data

MAPMEDIA bathymetric charts

Digital bathymetry models designed professional mariners and sports fishing enthusiasts, these are available as files compatible with MaxSea's 2D/3D modules making it possible to obtain a detailed view of seabed.

Seamless Charts Technologies
Discover the "Seamless" technology of MaxSea and MAPMEDIA

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