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MaxSea Chopper Weather

Forecasts and weather data are obtained through MaxSea's exclusive Chopper interface, which allows you to receive data via e-mail that you can overlay onto your charts.

Chopper’s built-in compression algorithm is optimized for binary data (GRIB format), making downloading over satellite phones and single side band (SSB) quicker. File sizes are between 30-200KB depending on the area and amount of data you request. MaxSea Chopper can be used with any Internet connection as long as it allows you to receive data and attachments through email (mandatory for GRIB reception). Consequently, that includes all connections such as RTC lines, ADSL, Cable, but also GSM cellular phones in the coverage area, Inmarsat, Irridium, BLUE, Mini-M, etc.


If your are a MaxSea User, the first time you access the Chopper, you will have to register your e-mail address under the < REGISTER >section.

Once you choose a weather model, you are directed to a request-screen. There you must draw a desired coverage area, then select an amount and type of forecast data:


Chopper will launch your default e-mail program (typically Outlook), allowing you to send the weather request to the Navcenter weather server.

You will receive an e-mail within 5-10 minutes with an attachment. Double-clicking the attachment will open the weather file in MaxSea. As you only have to connect to your e-mail service for brief periods of time, once to send the request and once to receive it, MaxSea chopper is the ideal mechanism for receiving weather data via satellite phone or SSB.



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