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Forward Looking Depth Profile

The Depth Profile feature is available with all “advanced” and professional versions of MaxSea.
Display the Depth Profile of the seafloor under and behind your boat using your sounder NMEA data (or your NavNet depth data when available).
Display the Depth Profile outline and the Temperature Graph.
Locate simultaneously your cursor in the Depth Profile window and on the chart

The Forward Looking* Depth Profile (FLDP) utilizes the  Sounder data to compare real-time sounder returns to known bathymetric data forward of your vessel. This effectively allows the captain to see the bottom ahead of the boat to avoid too shallow waters and to adjust fishing strategy.
*Available only together with 2D/3D feature.

When the PBG module is active in Explorer, you can monitor real-time updating of bathymetric data in the FLDP window in front of your boat.

Tides correction: the Forward Looking Depth Profile includes a tide correction display, based on the nearest tide station to your present location. As the boat moves the software will update the display with the closest tide station.



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