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MaxSea Layers

MaxSea manages your personal data either in a database (New ! In version 12.5 see feature detail in corresponding description) and also in transparent layers overlaid on top of the chart.

One layer may correspond to a certain type of data (dangerous marks) or a certain date (a Fishing campaign, day 1, Day 2…) according to your own wish and need.

Layers are available in all versions of MaxSea.

Advanced data layer access, available only with “advanced” and professional versions of MaxSea,  provides the ultimate flexibility in working with tracks and marks. It is ideal when working in environments where managing and consolidating tracks and marks is a priority.

When you plot a mark or create a track in MaxSea, this information is actually being displayed in its own transparent “layer.”
While it may appear that there is new visual information on the chart itself, MaxSea stores this information separately. Therefore, this information can be displayed or hidden independently of the chart information.

For example, if you start with an unmarked chart, it looks like this:

When you add marks, MaxSea stores the marks on a layer:

In the resulting display, the marks appear to be drawn directly on the chart.

The complexity of this layer technology is hidden from you, the end-user. You see marks drawn on the chart. The layers continue to be displayed, even as you change charts and scales.

A layer can be treated like any other file you would use in a Windows program, such as a document in a word processing program.

You can have more than one layer opened at a time. With the layer button in the Chart Palette, you can show/hide the open layers.



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