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MaxShell is a new software product that delivers the awesome power of MaxSea PC-based navigation wrapped in plotter-like simplicity. By insulating you from the unfriendly eccentricities of the Windows operation system, automating data back-up and denying access to unauthorized users.

MaxShell insures simplicity, reliability, and security.


With MaxShell installed, MaxSea is automatically launched when the computer is turned on.  All access to the operating system is disabled while only the intuitive MaxSea interface is presented to you.  There is no longer any risk of accidentally clicking on the wrong menu bar or activating unintended short cuts that lead you into trouble and confusion.

MaxShell is password protected and prevents the unauthorized installation of screensavers, games, and other software that could interfere with the operation of the system or corrupt data and settings. The system is always ready and available.

MaxShell minimizes the risk of accidental or intentional loss of valuable information such as bathy data, tracks, marks, etc. that you have painstakingly collected over time.  The automatic backup process will scan for all data collected whether it was carefully placed in a specific folder or saved by chance in a random location.  MaxShell can also prevent data from being removed by an unauthorized user.





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