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Radar Overlay

Full Screen Radar Overlay on Chart
Confirmation of precise positioning relative to the chart, clearly reveals any inconsistencies, A dramatic improvement in accuracy and clarity and therefore in safety.


A clear display: The range of colors and the transparency of the overlay guarantees that the chart is not hidden.

Raster and Vector charts: High quality electronic charts (an electronic chart system at the basis) Raster AND Vector charts

A perfect Chart Projection: MaxSea-NavNet overlays the full radar image at the same projection as the chart. It is a reliable tool.

A higher image resolution: Resolution & Precision:  1280 X 1024 resolution. Get twice the radar sweeps of conventional 640 X 480 maximum resolution, See MORE on your PC than on your radar !

Control of Radar from the PC
PC and Radar can be at different places on board, no need to run back to the Radar to adjust it, and PC menus may be easier to manipulate, so just use MaxSea-NavNet user friendly interface.



Cartography and Radar scale coordination
Adjust automatically radar range to chart scale when zooming in/out and vice versa.
Always get the best available scale for Radar and Chart, using the NavNet Radar auto-centering facility.

Target Aquisition and tracking  (MARPA) – Optional
To acquire and track what looks like a Target on your screen and check if this is a real mobile or just sea clutter.
Graphical display of CPA/TCPA  and EBL/VRM calculations can be displayed on your charts.




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