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Seabed Classification

MaxSea shows you the shape of the ocean floor in great detail,  it can also show you what it is made of: gravel, sand, silt, etc., giving you comprehensive bottom discrimination and seabed classification when connected to a SeaScan ground discrimination unit or to a Roxann System Unit.

Built-in presets allow you to quickly identify the type of bottom you are over,  you can also configure MaxSea for custom seabed classifications. For example, you can head to your favorite spot, and assign a color to match that exact bottom type.

Depending on the species you are fishing, you may need to identify hard bottom (e.g. for small pelagics, lobsters, monk fish…), or be aware of the seafloor roughness before you drop your fishing gear (e.g. seiners, bottom trawlers, etc.). By combining both hardness and roughness information, you can quickly identify bottom habitats.

In your 3D display, MaxSea will show information that is color-coded  with reference to hardness and roughness.

Simultaneous Bathymetric / Seabed Classification Display





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