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MaxSea Navigation Software For Sailing

The wisdom to learn from experience, the courage to push the limits: this is the combination that leads to lasting success in the sailing world - and it is the combination that has driven MaxSea to the forefront of marine technology. Design, safety and performance - these are the key elements you will find in MaxSea Sailing Navigation Software.

Since 1986, every competitor of the Volvo Around the World/Whitbread, BOC, and Vendee Globe Races, and the most experienced cruisers in the world have chosen MaxSea.


Product Feature Comparison list
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MaxSea NAVIGATOR : The Power of MaxSea at a competitive price

MaxSea Navigator offers more capabilities than any software package at any price, and its ease of use is unmatched. Navigator is the first navigation software which provides a worldwide library of both vector and raster charts.

MaxSea RACING PRO : The professionals' choice

Whether your voyage is around the world or around the buoys, Navigator's power and flexibility makes it the first choice in navigation for both cruisers and professional racers. MaxSea Racing Pro offers more capabilities than any software package.

Connect all  of your instruments on-board including GPS, wind, compass, sea temperature and depth sensors.

Use raster and vector charts from Mapmedia, Maptech, C-MAP, ARCS, Softcharts and NDI.

View worldwide tide and North American tidal current data. (Worldwide tidal currents can be purchased separately).

Use MaxSea's advanced layering technology and logbook to document your voyage.

MaxSea Routing Module - MaxSea's advanced routing - available as an add-on module to Yacht - is the most advanced on-board weather routing system available. Since 1986, every winner of the Volvo Around the World/Whitbread, BOC, and Vendee Globe Races, has used this powerful tool to help them win. MaxSea uses weather forecasts and the performance characteristics of your individual boat to calculate the fastest way to reach your destination.

  Weather routing demonstration video.

MaxSea Performance Module - The Performance module adds powerful tools, including upwind and downwind laylines displayed on the chart (continuously corrected for changes in true wind direction and current), and advanced manipulation of performance data. Real-time information is gathered from your instruments for analysis and planning while underway.

With the exclusive Data Trend Center, MaxSea takes performance analysis to the next level. It not only gives you the information you need for optimal sailing, but also the ability to accurately predict upcoming conditions based un the analysis and identification of trends in wind speed, wind direction and barometric pressure.

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