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MaxSea Marine Navigation Software

"Navigate with Vision™"

The marine platform of the future is here, and it brings with it new perspectives and possibilities. It challenges conventional navigation, and yet makes timeless traditions more efficient. It creates vision with new views of the land, sea and weather. Its  informative presence is impressive. It performs better and it is easier to use than ever before.
Typical instrument clutter has been swept aside, and in its place is an elegant and ergonomic harmony that will forever change the way we navigate.

This is the marine platform for the new millennium. 

MapMedia NEW Releases ... MapMedia introduces new Chart areas ... CLASSIC ... WIDE ... MEGA WIDE.


MaxSea  is happy to introduce you the brand new MaxSea Time Zero Technology Certainly the greatest MaxSea innovation...


MaxSea Time Zero


New Article in the "Fishing News International - December 2007"


New MaxSea Partners  ("Bleu Voile Océanique" and "Genuino Madruga")


MaxSea Easy Sport Fishing: It's MaxSea Navigator + 2D/3D & PGB module ...Read More

MaxSea version 12.6.4 released : MaxSea 12.6.4 release covers all products of various versions such as MaxSea Easy, Plotter, NavNet Commander and etc... This release offers the following new features : Windows Vista/Seven 32bit and 64bit compatibility, C-MAP CM93 charts compatibility and AIS ClassB compatibility ...Read More

Download Free MaxSea v12.6.4 VISTA Compatible for MaxSea v12.6 Users.

MAPMEDIA Catalog : Charts, Currents, Aerial Photos

Mapmedia charts offer reliability and accuracy with regular updates. Official license agreement with Hydrographic Services.

MaxSea Products

MaxSea’s product line has been re-evaluated and re-designed to focus upon the particular requirements of your activity: sailing, powerboating or shipping and commercial fishing.

Electronic Charts compatibility

When using MaxSea, you can be assured that you are using the best charts available for any location.  MaxSea is compatible with most electronic chart formats and is the only software that takes advantage of the new high-tech Mapmedia Raster .mm2 format.

Marine weather forecast and oceanographic conditions

Now,  all new MaxSea software has free and unlimited access to worldwide meteorological forecasts.  Don’t forget:  access to oceanic conditions everywhere.  MaxSea Chopper, with seven models to chose from, is the ideal tool.

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There are many resources available for technical assistance, including FAQs, our technical knowledge base, documentation and technical notes.

MaxSea Marine Software

MaxSea began in 1985 as a team of engineers challenged themselves to create a PC navigation package. Today’s team have made MaxSea THE international leader in Marine Navigation Software.

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