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MapMedia Product Range

MapMedia electronic charts
All your paper charts on screen.... A collection to go around the world... 
MapMedia Tidal Currents
MapMedia tidal currents are the most precise of the market, MapMedia works with hydrographic offices. These enable you to display current direction and strength on your marine charts and are constantly updated according prevailing tidal forces.  
MapMedia Aerial photography :
Precise vertical pictures, certified origin, a precious complement to your navigation charts. Available for the moment on the French coasts, except the Mediterranean.
MapMedia Shipwreck Charts
Recorded using the WGS 84 geodesic system, MapMedia proposes an inventory of positions (longitude an latitude) of 4, 000 wrecks and 800 underwater obstructions.. 
MapMedia Sediment charts
Information on bottom discrimination. 

MapMedia 3D Bathymetric charts
Mapmedia offers the most accurate 3D bathymetric data available with precision up to .1' (one tenth of one minute).
They cover Europe, North American East and West coasts, Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and Hawaï.



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