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MapMedia S.A, sister company of the Signet group, is specialized since 1994 in electronic charting. It developed a technology of digitalization and formatting of the type " Raster ", using a format basic owner of geographical data.


 Official contracts with local Hydrographic Services
Through its official contracts with local Hydrographic Services, MapMedia offers navigation documents that are 100% compliant with official data.
All its products are thus accurate and reliable.

 A library of more than  6000 nautical charts worldwide
and particularly in Europe, the Mediterranean sea, Africa, Indian Ocean, Greenland, South America, Caribbean’s, New Zealand, Polynesia… MapMedia proposes as well very attractive « Round the world » chart packages. All these areas are detailed in the on-line catalog .

 An optimum use with the MaxSea software.
MaxSea displays MapMedia charts seamlessly. This allows you to navigate without having to worry about opening individual charts.

 A dynamic and innovating company :
Numerical currents data, high definition .mm2 format, aerial photos… Mapmedia adapts continuously its product offer to the need of sailors, Its numerous products always nicer, more performing and safer.



Presentation of  MAPMEDIA products

Mapmedia Catalog

Detailed MAPMEDIA catalog

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