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MaxSea ARPA and Buoy Tracking

ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids) equipped radar is now more affordable than ever, making it a great tool for collision avoidance on both large and small vessels. While these systems produce some wonderful data, they are not always easy to use, and when displayed on a small yacht-sized radar screen, can be difficult to interpret. That's where the MaxSea ARPA module comes in.

MaxSea's ARPA module displays targets with a track of each course overlaid on your navigation screen. You can click on a target to find its speed, heading, and TCPA (Closest Point of Approach.) For each target, you can also open a data dialog box, which continually displays the latest data transmitted from that target. MaxSea can also display the TCPA graphically on your electronic chart.

You can give each target an individual name, and make notes in its data dialog box. This information, together with target tracks, can be stored for future reference.

You can also track Serpe, Ryokusei or Linemaster fishing buoys. MaxSea will mark and record the position, course, and speed for each point of the track of your buoys. If the buoys are equipped with an add-on sensor, temperature will also be recorded. This information allows you to precisely locate buoys and evaluate the distance, time and fuel necessary to rendezvous with them as well as determining if drift and temperature conditions are favorable.

Detailed information about each target can be viewed in the Mobile Center.





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