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MaxSea Performance Module

Getting the most from your boat starts with understanding the various relationships between true wind angles, true wind speeds, and boat speed. With the Performance module you get a visual display of this data, and an easy way to check it. The Performance module helps you get to your destination faster, which means more fun and less chance of being caught in bad weather.

The Performance Data Display gives you constant updates on target wind angles and target boat speeds. Your performance efficiency is indicated graphically and numerically, so you can see how you are doing relative to your boat’s theoretical potential. This new feature gives you an easy-to-follow graphic display of wind and performance data, and barometric pressure. You can input this data manually, or have MaxSea log it automatically.

A visual presentation makes it much easier to spot trends when you are trying to decide whether to tack, jibe, or change sails. The key, as with all of the MaxSea features, is that the Performance Data Display is very easy to use.

The Polar Diagram contains all of the target performance data for your boat – how fast you should be going wind strengths and angles, as well as the optimum true wind angle and boat speed when beating and running. The Polar window also gives you VMG (Velocity Made Good) when beating or running, along with VMC (Velocity made towards your waypoint), which is very helpful when reaching.

The Data Trend Center gives you an easy-to-use graphic history of wind and performance data. DTC is ideal for monitoring long and short run trends and oscillations in wind direction and strength. Based on your recent historical data, the DTC will project trends into the future.

The wind typically goes through periodic oscillations in direction and strength. Often hidden within the oscillations is a changing trend in average direction and strength. Our Data Trend Centre analyzes at the historic trend, and then projects that history forward.

Upwind and downwind laylines can be displayed on your chart, and constantly updated as the true wind direction shifts, letting you know graphically when it is time to tack or jibe.




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