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SeaScan Echo Sounder Compatibility

The following models have been tested and verified to work with SeaScan ground descrimination units.

If you don't see your echo sounder in the list, call us to verify compatibility.

 Read more about SeaScan 101&201 system

Echo Sounder Compatibility
Skipper 200KHz
Koden CV 106 50KHz
Atlas Deso 15 SRD Dual 33/210 KHz Dual Frequency
Koden CVS-8842 28/200KHz Dual Frequency
Furuno FCV 251 GD 50KHz
Simrad EQ-50 38KHz
Koden CVS-8814 28KHz 5 kw
Skipper CS115 Mk3 50 KHz
Furuno FCV-1500 50KHz 3kw
Koden CVS-8841P 50KHz
Koden CVS 8816T Univsersal GD 28KHz
Furuno FCV 271 GD 50KHz
Elac LAZ 72
Furuno FCV-292 Dual 28/200KHz Dual Frequency
Furuno FCV-291 50Khz
Furuno FCV-663 Dual 50/200khz Use one frequency only
Furuno FCV-582 Dual 50/200Khz 4kw
JMC V-105 50KHz
JMC V-122 Dual 38/200KHz
Knudsen 320M Dual 33/210KHz Survey echo sounder
Koden CVS 888 50KHz
Koden CVS-108D Dual 50/200KHz Use high frequncy only
Odom Hydrotrac 200KHz Survey Echo Sounder





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