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Advanced Trawl Position and Shape

With MaxSea, you can show your boat’s position and the actual position of your trawl on the electronic chart, in both the 2D and 3D displays.
Trawl position information can be automatically captured in your logbook to create a detailed record of the trawl.  MaxSea also allows you to save the track of your trawl and analyze it along with the ship's track for a detailed analysis of your fishing tactics.
MaxSea’s positioning information enables you to guide your trawl in an optimal way and to monitor it more precisely.  It thus becomes easier to precisely monitor your trawl when you get close to a rock or a wreck, increasing the safety of your boat and your crew.
MaxSea is compatible with trawl positioning systems such as GEONET, developed by iXTrawl and ITI developed by Simrad.  With GEONET, you can obtain detailed position information for each trawl door.  This includes latitude/longitude, as well as immersion of each trawl door.

MaxSea displays all the data in a graphic and user friendly way on the electronic chart.


3D Display of Trawl Position



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