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Software features

Advanced Event Recording
Any key on your Keyboard can be assigned to drop a mark...

MaxSea ARPA and Buoy Tracking
MaxSea's ARPA module displays targets with their tracks overlaid on your navigation screen.

MaxSea 3D
MaxSea's 3D Bathytmetric charts display the contour of the ocean bottom in simultanious 2D and 3D displays, allowing you to find new spots faster and fish them more efficiently.

MaxSea Day Dusk Night Display Modes
Unlike most PC-based applications, which just change some application colors, MaxSea offers full day/dusk/night control which dims the entire PC screen.

MaxSea Instrument Support
MaxSea communicates with all NMEA 0183 compliant marine equipment via a simple serial connection to your PC.

MaxSea Logbook
Information can be a mariner's most valuable assett.

MaxSea Performance Module
Getting the most from your boat starts with understanding the various relationships between true wind angles, true wind speeds, and boat speed.

SeaScan Echo Sounder Compatibility
The models which have been tested and verified to work with SeaScan ground descrimination units.

Advanced Trawl Position and Shape
With MaxSea, you can display information about your position on a data palette, and show the actual position and shape of your trawl in both 2D and 3D displays.

Professional Target tracking module
Automatic Identification Systems have been characterized as the greatest advance in navigation safety since the invention of radar.

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