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MaxSea-NavNet Navigation System

Welcome to the marine platform of the future …

MaxSea NavNet Radar Overlay feature is not compatible with Window Vista or Windows 7

Since the introduction of NavNet in 2001, Furuno has been diligently working on the most effective way to transfer NavNet information to a PC and back again.

The result of the groundbreaking technical alliance in 2004 between FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD and MAXSEA INTERNATIONAL is the development of MaxSea-NavNet software.

The NavNet provides a MaxSea-NavNet installed PC with Radar and Fish Finder and essential navigation data from various sensors networked.

In turn, the MaxSea-NavNet takes control of the NavNet radar and Fish Finder and share essential navigation data in network.


The software comes in three versions:  MaxSea-NavNet Commander, MaxSea-NavNet Explorer and MaxSea-NavNet Professionnal.
Both versions include all of their MaxSea counterparts, but they also allow to take full control of your NavNet display. You can even preplan your voyage from home on your PC and transfer the information easily to your NavNet

>> features comparison list
Features comparison list

MaxSea-NavNet COMMANDER : A navigation software integrated in Furuno marine electronics

NavNet-Commander is perfect for cruising and sailing and for workboat operations. The package comes standard with everything you need to start navigating, and with the addition of an Ethernet cable, you can transfer information from and to your NavNet right away.
As you become more experienced with NavNet-Commander, you can add on a variety of modules that will further enhance the software’s capabilities.

Standard Features
(in addition to corresponding standard MaxSea Commander version):
Compatible with NavNet
NavNet Data Exchange: Time, L/L, SOG, COG
Chart Data Sharing: share your NavNet C-Map NT charts with your PC via Ethernet network
Navigation data sharing: Waypoints, Routes
Radar Echo and Targets overlay on all types of MaxSea-NavNet charts (raster and vector)
Fish Finder data from Network Sounder

Software Options:
Mobiles Target Tracking (ARPA, AIS, GPS Buoys)
MKD AIS data upload and SMS
Sailing Performance Module
Weather Routing Module
MaxShell Windows Desktop Manager Software

For more details, check our Features Comparison List

MaxSea-NavNet  EXPLORER : The advanced package

NavNet-Explorer is ideal for sport fishing and commercial fishing. It's also the perfect tool for researchers, scientifics and any advanced navigator. NavNet-Explorer takes all of the very best of NavNet-Commander and adds features that make navigating and fishing easier.

It comes standard with the 2D/3D ability to seamlessly display both raster and vector charts from many sources. You can download and overlay FREE sea surface temperatures and ocean current forecasts directly on to the charts with an incredibly accurate 3D display of the bottom contour and structure. By utilizing the 3D bathy charts and Explorer’s Personal Bathymetric Generator (PBG) technology, you can continuously update those 3D charts with data from your depth sounder. As the ocean floor changes, so do your charts. You can now find previously unknown pinnacles and obstacles where baitfish collect without guessing. This minimizes the time it takes to find where the big game fish are likely to be feeding. It also includes the Forward Looking Depth Profile and the MaxShell Module.

Standard Features:
(in addition to corresponding standard MaxSea Explorer and to MaxSea-NavNet Commander version):
Simultaneous 2D and 3D chart viewing
Forward Looking Depth Profile (FLDP)
Live update of 3D charts and FLDP using the PBG (Personal Bathymetric Generator)
MaxShell Windows Desktop Manager Software


Software Options:
Mobiles Target Tracking (ARPA, AIS, GPS Buoys)
MKD AIS data upload and SMS
Sailing Performance Module
Weather Routing Module
Ground Discrimination

For more details, check our Features Comparison List



MaxSea-NavNet PROFESSIONNAL - The ultimate navigation package

Simply put, you get it all with MaxSea-NavNet Professionnal - every feature offered in any MaxSea-NavNet product.

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