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MaxSea combines advanced weather technology and the most responsive electronic chart and marine instrument support in the industry with solution-specific capabilities such as seabed classification and buoy tracking for commercial fishing, performance routing for sailing, and AIS integration for commercial vessels.

MaxSea version 12.6.3 released : New Waypoint Tool / New Ocean Currents in Chopper / Compatible with Vista ...Read More


MaxSea has developed a range of navigation software for main marine applications :

MaxSea Easy Marine Software
 It's the performance of MaxSea Software with a chosen nautical chart area.

MaxSea Navigation Software For Sailing

 Design, safety and performance - these are the key elements you will find in MaxSea's software for sailing.

MaxSea Navigation Software For Power Boating

 Today's yachting enthusiasts expect a lot from their navigation systems.

MaxSea Navigation Software For Commercial

 Enthusiasm for new ideas has been a major factor in the company's success. Nearly 20 years ago, MaxSea created the original PC-based marine navigation system. MaxSea continues this tradition with exciting advances in technology and sets the standard for today's marine software.

MaxSea Navigation Software For Fishing

 Today, MaxSea for commercial fishing draws on the best characteristics of these pioneering technologies and takes the concept on to another level.

MaxSea-NavNet Navigation System

 It's a Furuno product developped by MaxSea. Computer technology and marine electronics finally join forces to bring you tomorow's navigation system today!


How To Buy MaxSea ?
 Find a MaxSea dealer in your area.

Tutorial Movies
   Learn more about MaxSea by viewing one of the online demonstrations

Software features
 Learn more about MaxSea core capabilities.

Maxsea Site Map
  To quickly find all MaxSea web site pages.


A core set of capabilities sets MaxSea apart:

Unprecedented Marine Equipment Support - MaxSea helps you get the most out of your investment in marine equipment. MaxSea supports GPS, ARPA, AIS, autopilots, and more. MaxSea not only supports industry standards like NMEA 0183, but it also allows you to use this information like never before. You can display ARPA or AIS targets, build a 3D display with a feed from your depth sounder, display lay-lines based upon your heading while sailing, wind direction and speed-- all with MaxSea.

Unparalleled Raster, Vector and 3D chart support - If you already own electronic charts, odds are that MaxSea will read them. From C-MAP cartridges to Maptech CD's to NOAA ENC S-57's, MaxSea works with more charts than any other platform and displays them seamlessly. MaxSea is also the only platform that supports MAPmedia charts with their patented MM2 technology. In addition to providing the world's most advanced raster charts, MAPmedia's 3D bathymetric charts are the most accurate available.

Powerful Layer Technology - With MaxSea's layers, the amount of text or other elements you can add to a chart is virtually unlimited. The overwhelming advantage of layers is that they allow you to segregate your marks and only show the information critical to the task at hand.

Advanced Log Book and Annotation - Information gathering is automatic and intuitive with MaxSea. You can generate log-book entries based upon any information coming into the system. You can save tracks, load and read wrecks and rookeries data, mark your favorite spots, or where you've set traps, quickly and easily. MaxSea grows with you and quickly becomes the repository for priceless information accumulated while underway.

Intuitive Planning - One of the things that makes MaxSea's interface so advanced is its simplicity. Routes can be created or changed in seconds. MaxSea can drive autopilots, upload routes to your plotter, and save them for future reference.

Precise Weather - Not only does MaxSea provide free access to the most comprehensive weather data available, it also gives you the ability to use it effectively. With one button click, wind, waves, sea surface temperature, ocean currents, pressure and 500 mb data can be overlaid onto your navigation chart for display while planning or while underway.

Integrated Tides and Currents - With a single button click, detailed tide and current indicators are displayed over your chart. These graphic displays show the height of the tide, and whether it is rising or falling, as well as the strenth and direction of tidal currents. Double-clicking on any of these graphic indicators gives you a complete tide or current table for that station.

Day / Dusk / Night Display Modes - Unlike most PC-based applications which just change the colors, MaxSea offers full day/dusk/night control which dims the entire PC screen. Every element and chart detail on the screen is adjusted for maximum clarity under any light condition.

MaxSea License -  MaxSea uses a hardware key, also called “dongle”, for copy protection by default. If you are using a printer port hardware key, it should be plugged into your printer port before installing MaxSea. If you are using a USB hardware key, it should be plugged in after MaxSea has been installed. However, a software protection is available for those who prefer it, or those who have upgraded from a previous version of Maxsea. A software protection can be chosen at time of purchase.

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