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Marine weather forecast and oceanographic conditions

If you ask navigators around the world why they choose MaxSea, you will find that many of them say it's because of the program's weather capabilities. All versions of MaxSea come with free, unlimited weather forecasts and oceanic data access - world wide - 24 hours a day.

Forecasts and data are requested through MaxSea's exclusive chopper interface, allowing you to receive data via e-mail that you can overlay onto your charts. The built-in compression algorithm is optimized for binary data (grib format), making downloading over satellite phones and single side band (SSB) possible.

Because you only have to connect to an e-mail service for brief periods of time--once to send the request and again to receive it, MaxSea chopper is the ideal mechanism for receiving weather forecasts and oceanic data via satellite phone or SSB.

Click here to see our demonstration routing weather .

Click for larger image

The weather palette allows you to choose which data is displayed on your chart.

Clicking anywhere on a MaxSea chart will give you a complete weather forecast and oceanic conditions at  that point.

Flexible weather analysis is possible by
advancing the weather forecast with
the date/time toolbar options.

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